About Us

On Purpose and Passion

We are  an open collaborative innovation meshwork of kindred thought leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers, philanthropist, and investors inviting all of humanity to breath new life into quality and quantity of our philanthropy, profit-sharing, and investments.  

You can think of us as a self-organizing conscious alliance of inspired response-able global citizens, businesses, governments, and civil society organizations mobilizing critical mass to embrace a New Source Code for Human Enterprise with the Philanthropy4Life and Profits4Life's spiral infinity algorithm "heart-coded" inside.

 Our Mission

To mobilize one percent of GDP in global giving to advance a New Source Code for Human Enterprise supporting whole-system breakthrough  innovation, community, and entrepreneurship prospering in harmony with all life by 2025.

Our Vision

To transform finance and grow true wealth by breathing new life into the quality and quantity of our philanthropy, profit-sharing, and investments - enabled by the ubiquitous adoption of a New Source Code for Human Enterprise.

Our Values

To provide conscious leadership and learning opportunities applying the timeless caring ethics of response-ability, reciprocity, respect, and right relationship with all life, and being mindful that whole-system transformation starts deep within us all.

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Urgent Need, Timely Solution

Our world is experiencing chaotic, accelerating change. How can we remain centered, resilient, and sustain our civilization with crumbling governance systems in the face of often overwhelming turmoil? During the late Summer of 2017, for example, we experienced a historic eclipse event, one hurricane after another, an earth quake in Mexico, continued tensions in North Korea, solar flares, and all this while public and private debt keeps mounting, stock markets reach new highs, and our currencies are backed by mere faith as opposed to true wealth assets. 

We are also becoming increasingly aware that accelerating technological developments are fusing man and machine with algorithms exchanging our freedoms for the security and conveniences of wearable, or even implantable, artificial intelligence innovations that will increasingly decide what is right for us. Two recent books on this subject are fascinating reads: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and World without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech. We are facing a Brave New World indeed. It is thus no exaggeration that we are at a universally important bifurcation point in human history requiring all hands-on deck to consciously shape a future we truly want. This is our urgent need and want.

Could the timely solution be a new source code (or algorithm) for human enterprise? We believe that humanity is deeply called to turn chaos into the natural order of life through an ethics of care reflecting original principals of reciprocity, respect, responsibility, and right relationship – in other words, to resonate with the whole of life and to consciously guide our philanthropy, profit-making, and investment decisions to support all life. Our solution - a new source code for human enterprise - enables philanthropic and impact investors to support breakthrough innovations, community building, and conscious entrepreneurship in service with life - transforming finance and growing true wealth.

Our hope is that the release of our book Imaging Philanthropy for Life: A Whole System Strategy to Transform Finance and Grow True Wealth will significantly contribute to opening up inspired pathways to that very True North - both far and wide. How will all this play out? That will ultimately be up to our individual and collective ability to fully embrace a better SourceCode4Life from within. After all, we are the ONES we have been waiting for and are philanthropic at heart.

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A Whole-System Investment Opportunity

A key role of the Philanthropy4Life Initiative will be to connect flows of intentional giving (the supply of capital) in support of its mission to establish whole-system entrepreneurial initiatives that serve the larger community of life (the demand for capital). The Initiative's capacity to successfully manage this challenge and reap the desired impact can grow and be organically adjusted following the dynamics of supply and demand of such investment capital.

  • On the supply side, humankind should set itself aggressive but achievable goals. We believe a target of a percent of GDP in global giving by 2025 (approximately $770 billion in current dollars) is achievable and would be a good start. This goal could be achieved through 0.1 percent annual increments over the next ten years. We would not be surprised if during this coming decade collective consciousness expands and that the target be adjusted upward to 10 percent or more.
  • On the demand side, we see a great and urgent need to support the realization of a secure, peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous way of life. The demand for capital to achieve such a society is estimated at any tens of trillions of dollars per year, as explained elsewhere. Much of this demand will be to secure capital in forms we are familiar with and that seek to maximize profits - in other words, business as usual.
  • Philanthropy4Life initiatives will focus on serving the growing niche demands for investment capital in service with the whole of life. The demand would be driven by whole-system community and entrepreneurial enterprises that provide products and services that sustain all life; its founders, owners, management, and organization as a whole would commit to the Profits4Life approach of reinvesting and recirculating profits from success to spark an upward, virtuous, systemic spiral of hope in support of a life-driven and purpose-driven entrepreneurial business ecosystem.
  • We believe the pipeline of eligible initiatives may at first be modest; it is a new source code and financial DNA. But we are also confident that whole-system enterprise development will soon become a fast-growing sector and much more than a niche, for it represents the next frontier and nexus of evolutionary progress for humankind. Communities and entrepreneurs who recognize the opportunity of a new source code will over time gladly embrace the ability get their products and services to market faster and with more success by adopting a business model that operates in harmony with life and caters to a growing market of increasingly conscious consumers. 

Wouldn't everyone rather purchase a product or service from a company that cares for life visibly and verifiably through its commitments to a new world view? And in particular if the price and quality were comparable to or better than those of a competitor still committed to business as usual? In this way we can start small, yet transform self and society systemically from within at scale.


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Impact4Life by 2025

We believe these potential outcomes can and will be realized with your generous support:

  • One percent of annual global giving by individuals and organizations, projected at $ [insert] billion annually, flows to support a growing whole-system conscious entrepreneurial ecosystem advancing a new source code for human enterprise with Philanthropy4Life and Profits4Life's spiral infinity algorithm "heart-coded" inside.
  • Collaboratively launched Give4Life indices measure and track philanthropic giving and investments directed at deeply enhancing the quality and quantity of philanthropy, profit-sharing, and investments. Measure program effectiveness and celebrating those nations, organizations and individuals committed to give to life, transform finance, and grow true wealth.
  • An initial portfolio of synergistic whole-system entrepreneurial breakthrough initiatives simultaneously addressing water, energy, health, food, and earth stewardship challenges demonstrate values-driven replicable, scaleable positive outcomes.
  • SourceCode4Life Global Challenge awards, held each year, celebrate the best and brightest whole-system breakthrough innovations; conscious entrepreneurs receive funding and expertise to develop, commercialize, or scale and replicate their proposed initiatives. A portfolio pipeline of best of class potential breakthrough investments continues to grow.
  • A SourceCode4Life Academy in collaboration with online learning partners provides personal and organizational development content, authentic leadership courseware, coaching and training to a global audience of conscious entrepreneurs, community builders, philanthropists, and investors moving through the U-process from towards a brighter future.
  • Our SourceCode4Life algorithm is heart-coded into a branded block chain cryptocurrency delivering trusted positive intergenerational outcomes backed by true wealth assets linked to achievement of the 17 UN SDGs.
  • Our annual Forum4Life Summit, featuring the SourceCode4Life Global Challenge awards, draws together increasing numbers of values driven conscious global citizens from all sectors of society to steward and lead into a secure, peaceful, sustainable, and prospering future.  

Governance of the Initiative

Imagining Philanthropy for Life and the Philanthropy4Life Initiative emerged from collaboration among members of the KINS4Philanthropist circle. Its organizational development is being co-chaired by Steven Lovink and Stuart Valentine - lead authors of the book. KINS4Philanthropist members actively support the development of the Initiative through their respective organizations and networks.

The Philanthropy for Life Initiative is fiscally sponsored by the Power of One, a charitable organization based in Washington DC. Steps are being undertaken to expand its board and advisory circle in support of the Initiative. We are also exploring strategic collaboration, fiscal sponsorship, and integration with the Netherlands-based institute for Environmental Security (IES) in The Hague. IES' multidisciplinary work program focusses on science, diplomacy, law, education and finance. This partnership opens up access to funding sources on both sides of the Atlantic, combines networks, and offers a local presence in Europe. Presentations to philanthropic founding partners have commenced.

We anticipate that by year's end of 2017 a strategically aligned Philanthropy4Life Foundation and Profits4Life Enterprise Fund (organized as a benefit corporation) will start operations as a public-private partnership with corresponding main offices and representation in Washington DC and The Hague. 

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Partner with Us

Transformative societal change always starts small from within. We invite kindred global citizens, organizations anywhere to join a ground floor opportunity to demonstrate their leadership, transform finance, and grow true wealth featuring a New Source Code for Human Enterprise who's time has come.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to support our Initiative:

  • Become an Ambassador4Life by selecting one of our special Buy One & Give One book offers.
  • Catalyze our marketing & promotion of a New Source Code for Human Enterprise.
  • Support organizational development (Philanthropy4Life Foundation & Profits4Life Enterprise Fund). 
  • Strengthen our board, advisory council, and strategic partnerships.
  • Jumpstart the first breakthrough enterprises addressing water-food-health-energy-life challenges.
  • Lead & Inspire - commit 1% of your resources to a harmonized way of life by 2025.
  • Collaborate with us on seed funding an initial portfolio of identified breakthrough initiatives


If after browsing our website you are inspired to discuss collaboration, please do not hesitate to Contact Us! We look forward to hearing your creative ideas.