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GOAL: $60,000.00

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Unleash Your Philanthropic Self

Activate the New Source Code for Human Enterprise by committing to become an Ambassador4Life, endorse our work, spread the word, and seed systemic change virally.

Buy One, Give One Pre-Order Offer
Books Buy One Give One Price Paid Value
2,000* 1,000 1,000 $ 19.950 $ 39.900



 * excludes shipping by UPS or Fedex ground, invoiced separately
  • delivery ASAP upon publication of book (Winter 2016)


How We Share Benefits

  • you receive value twice your cost,
  • you can gift books for unleashing true love for humankind,
  • you support our Philanthropy4Life Initiative
  • you are celebrated as an Ambassador4Lifewave7.png.


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