Thabiso Motloung

  • Good Day, my name is Thabiso Motloung, I am send you this message from South Africa. I am looking at starting an NPO (Non Profit Organization) in my country of birth South Africa called Power Of One.

    Our focus will be the handing out sanitary pads and school shoes to the needy children of this country, our focus for now will be to start small by region then town, city, province, around South Africa, SADC countries, Africa and ultimately go global. Main focus for now is provincially so I do not get ahead of myself.

    There are hundreds of thousands of schools girls that miss school simply because they do not have funds or shops nearby to access sanitary towels which is quite sad. “This then results in the use of rags, leaves, corn cobs and anything else that can assist during their menstrual cycle. This is in no way hygienic and results in infections and illness” . Going ahead with this great initiative will help in ensuring that no girl will miss school simply because they to not have sanitary towel.

    What I need from you and hope you ready for this is to please please please give me or sell me the domain which you have ownership of as the redirects to . Starting this charity will the name of Power of One will really go a long way in helping me achieve my goal.

    Thabiso Motloung

    [email protected]