Our Philanthropy4Life Initiative presents a ever so timely historic opportunity to embrace a New Source Code for Human Enterprise. We are inviting all of humanity to breath new life into the quality and quantity of our philanthropy, profit-sharing, and investments. It is being activated through transformative reconnection with the gift of life, and ethics of care based on ancient principals, and mobilizing flows of money, time, and talent dedicated to regenerate the very fabric of life. To learn more, see: Our Initiative.

Imagining Philanthropy for Life - A Whole System Strategy to Transform Finance and Grow True Wealth, our book, calls on all of us to consciously engage and act. You can become an “Ambassador4Life” by helping to spread the word, build awareness, and catalyze deep impact. Can we unlock a secure, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future world reset to a compass course pointing to our “True North”? Yes, a huge shift is afoot in the world of philanthropy, charitable giving, and investing. Our individual and collective intention-driven actions are critical and everyone has a an important role to play. To lean more, see: Our Book.