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    Discover a New Source Code for Human Enterprise

    P4L_Front.pngCan we unlock a secure, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future world reset to a compass course pointing to our ‘True North’?

    Yes, a huge shift is afoot in the world of philanthropy, charitable giving, and investing. Our breakthrough opportunity is no less than transforming self and society in harmony with the laws of the Universe and Nature’s wisdom.

    Are you a leader or change maker in philanthropy, business, government, civil society, education, or community building? Then you must know and apply the New Source Code in your work.

    • Learn about a whole-system strategy to unleash true love for humankind that is practical, feasible, timely, and an exciting call to action you do not want to miss.

    • Become knowledgeable about philanthropy's historical roots, current challenges, emerging solutions, and ways to give and receive in ‘right relationship’ with all life.

    • Be inspired by insightful transformational stories of self and society from an ensemble of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and thought leaders.

    • Find out how issues of money, love, and life are entangled with our financial system and how an ethics of care ensures love can become current and currency of all we do.

    • Engage with an emerging local to global Philanthropy4Life Initiative designed to catalyze community and entrepreneurship regenerating the very fabric of our lives.

    Expected Release: Summer 2017

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I am professor of communication studies at Florida International University in Miami where I focus on exploring, researching, and teaching anything that gets communities working together for common challenges.