Imagining a WorldPeaceCoin


The potential for Fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 is intriguing. I recently started exploring this emerging opportunity on behalf of the Philanthropy4Life Initiative and the message of its forthcoming book with an independent international task force of experts engaged with the establishment of a network of

future UNESCO – Category II Centers for Innovation, initiated by Dr. Tamara Lavrovskaia. I suggested the concept a WorldPeace Coin (working name).

Would it not be the perfect moment in the midst of a perfect brewing financial storm, I thought, to collaborate with block-chain technology leaders and a coalition of interested partners on the design of a humanitarian cryptocurrency solution aiming to breathe life into the quality and quantity of our philanthropy, profit-making, and investments?

The world’s financial system forces people and organizations to choose money first instead of placing care first on the permanence of life and future generations. The world’s global banking and financial system, nature’s life-supporting ecosystems, and the very fabric of local to global social foundations have been operated beyond safe planetary boundaries. Humanity is now teetering on the brink of certain collapse unless it’s being and doing is decisively redirected onto whole-system pathways. Breakthrough solutions of inclusive conscious development are needed for bringing human creativity to its fullest potential. Redesign of the DNA of our financial system – turning the prevailing destructive, disempowering dynamics between money, love, and life upside down, is the key of a new source code for entering into an unprecedented era of human enterprise.

  • A WorldPeaceCoin cryptocurrency would be purposed to direct flows of our philanthropy, profit-making, and investments to breakthrough innovations operating in harmony with the whole of life, creating true wealth, opportunity, and prosperity for all within the time and scale necessary to solve humanity’s most pressing problems.
  • The WorldPeaceCoin would aim to facilitate the accelerated achievement of a secure, peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous way of life, reaching a tipping point by 2025. Its principal aim would be contribute to the successful realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
  • The WorldPeaceCoin would be used by people and organizations to execute transactions backed by a life-giving source code agreement (a Profits4Life Agreement) integrating principles and values of responsibility, reciprocity, respect, and right relationship.
  • The WorldPeaceCoin can be understood to internalize a source code for human enterprise designed to accelerate the emergence of an ecosystem of community and entrepreneurship operating in service with the whole of life.
  • WorldPeaceCoin-based transactions would be catalyzed by philanthropic and impact investments designed to support the development and implementation of whole-system breakthrough initiatives, which upon their success, would direct substantial profits to general and specific local to global public benefit initiatives operating in alignment with the SDGs.

Over time, the WorldPeaceCoin might develop into becoming the virtual, transparent, accountable, distributed, and life-giving Central Bank of True Wealth generation ushering humanity in to a secure, peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous way of life. Of course this is just a concept for an imagined, yet totally possible, future. The concept needs further development. A feasibility study might be a good next step.

Just imagine what a valuable whole-system strategy it would be for unleashing true love for humankind! Interested? Drop me a line.

Copyright 2016 – Steven Lovink